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Are You A Winner?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

We're now headed into our last couple weeks of summer, can you believe it? We hope you're summer has been full of exciting and cool events despite the crazy heat! We thought it would be fun to have a little extra something to look forward to when you come to us, your trusted local cleaners, so we decided to start a monthly raffle for all returning customers....And so we have our first FIVE WINNERS! Each receives $30 in FREE CLEANING FOR THE MONTH!

How it works: Visit us with your dry cleaning order at the store, 7734 Greenleaf Ave, sign up with your name & email, receive your raffle ticket entry on the spot. Then every first (business day) of each month we invite one of our respected local service-members to draw the winning tickets.

Special thanks to Officer Ponce for selecting our August winners, here they are!

We also want to thank all who participated in our Refer-a-Friend program. We appreciate you spreading the word about Blue White Cleaners, and we'll offer the referral gift certificates again soon so stay tuned. Finally, so no one feels left out, we want you all to enjoy our 15% off coupon and seasonal discount on comforters & blankets. Get some savings as we gear up for the fall! Ready?

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