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Discovering Whittier with The Garcias

Can you believe it's 2019? And January's already almost over! We received great responses to our holidays discount on any Red & Green dry cleaning items. So we decided to continue more color-themed specials throughout the year. Check back soon for the next seasonal special. In addition to the solar new year, some of us also celebrate the lunar new year, which this year is coming up on February 4th in our time zone. We'll have a(nother) new year update and more coupons for you next month so stay tuned!

In the meantime, we'd like to give a shout out to some of our long time Blue White friends, Willie and Anna Garcia, aka The Garcias Team. They've been working on an ongoing project called "Discovering Whittier," whose "mission is to set out and spotlight all of Whittier and its glory. Discovering Whittier is a page centered around Whittier's communities, events, food, and stories." Whittier and the people who make up our town deserve to be shared and appreciated, especially all our mom and pops shops. Willie and Anna are the perfect duo helping to do just that. We appreciate them greatly! They're down to earth people with amazing hearts and a wealth of knowledge of the area, so go and check out they're video episodes, support "Discovering Whittier" and see for yourself!


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