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Gratitude to Family

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Recently there have been funerals of family and friends passing on in a few of our customers' and our own lives. Our condolences are shared in loving spirit through such difficult times. This photo was taken from my Halmuni's, my family's matriarch's funeral. Looking at it reminded me how clothing can really be deeply personal and sentimental. On that day each family member wore a garment, a scarf, a shirt or hat of my grandmother's and we all reminisced on moments filled with laughter and love shared with her: our rock, our fiercest protector, teacher, biggest supporter, our loving mother, our grandmother. Yook Keumsoon.

There's an old Korean custom that marks 3 years after someone has died as an observed period of mourning. The start of this new blog lines up with that passage of time since Halmuni's death. It wasn't planned but makes sense. It feels like a new beginning these days. We're launching our new website and getting pro-active about building up our web presence for Blue White Cleaners. There's a lot of competition out there, but we'd rather focus on what it's really about at the end of the day. Making our Blue White family happy and keeping everybody's clothes feeling so ƒresh and so clean...clean.

Welcome to our new website! We want to thank all of our Blue White family for continuing to choose us and offer you a WEB EXCLUSIVE COUPON to kick off our new monthly newsletter that will feature more discounts and feel-good updates for you. So stay tuned and stay healthy.


Blue White Cleaners in Whittier, CA


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